Romei series

inspired by Hermes orange

With a total of 16 products, the Roumei series use off-white as its main color- a classic one forever, supplemented by titanium cloth grain color, which is inspired by Hermes orange, all of which make our products look comfortable, high-end, elegant and luxurious.
What’s more, our design is humanized and ergonomic, that is the countertop of the whole series is widened to 1.4m, which means larger office space and higher working efficiency. Since establishment, we firmly believe that well-designed  products will bring efficiency, happiness, and satisfaction to consumers.

The Office Workstation materials of Roumei series products are all made of E1 grade ecological environmental protection particle board, which is wear-resistant and anti-fouling.
Technical Details
Imported hardware accessories is adopted to guarantee our quality while the adoption of laser seamless welding  and the surface coating  prove our products to last for a long time. 

Our products are user-friendly and ergonomic, the office workstation desktop is equipped with functional sockets and all card positions can be extended infinitely. More importantly, the main box of the auxiliary cabinet is allocated with a diamond-shaped exhaust fan to discharge the heat of the computer host. And each drawer is equipped with a combination lock to protect personal privacy, which is very safe and convenient. 

Our design is constantly adapting to new demands in the modern Workstation . And we offer a wide range of products, including standing desks, boss tables, and workstations creating an open office environment that supports a highly collaborative workspace. Base on our high-quality products and services, we have been a top supplier for many corporations.
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All Romei series Products

Featuring people-oriented design concept, simple style, exquisite technology as well as high-quality materials, our modern products  are designed to coordinate with each other in terms of style, color, and materials, including:

1. Conference table series:  It includes conference tables and matching chairs in a variety of sizes and materials.

2. Office Workstation series: It is a collection which is specially designed  for office and covers different ranges.

3. Office Storage Furniture series: This includes filing cabinets, bookcases, and shelves in coordinating styles and colors.

4. Reception furniture series: All of which covers reception desks, guest chairs, and sofas in different styles, types and colors.

In conclusion, when choosing office furniture, many factors need to been taken into considerations, such as the size, storage needs, budget, style, brand, quality and so on. And for most users, a well-coordinated office furniture can not only improve working efficiency but  create  a harmonious office environment.

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The design of Roumei Office Workstation series products are humanized. The Office Workstation color is mainly off white, supplemented by titanium cloth pattern, and embellished with Hermes orange.
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It is a creative office furniture enterprise with innovation, research and development as the guide and integration of scientific manufacturing, marketing and service as the core.
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People-oriented design concept, Simple style, exquisite technology,bold, creative environmental protection materials, deduce elegant and free from vulgarity of fashion furniture.
Yousen's independently designed, researched, developed and produced products include: various boss tables, office desks, reception desks, planter cabinets, conference tables, filing cabinets, tea tables, negotiation tables, etc.
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People-oriented design concept, Simple style, exquisite technology,bold, creative environmental protection materials, deduce elegant and free from vulgarity of fashion furniture.
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