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YOUSEN Product Collection

Through the integration of fashion elements, effective communication and social interaction, Yosen is dedicated to breaking the old concepts that work conflicts with life to create a new form of office furniture that embracing work and life with a positive attitude.

At the same time, our designers use bold design to show the power of personality charm on work and social space, which are also our main source of inspiration for the design.

With art and natural elements as its core, YOSEN works to reduce work stress and improve mood to further stimulate morale and encourage creativity through the creation of a visual environment.

Roya series

An contemporary, compact and versatile furniture help to please and relax the staff, so as to improve work efficiency and create a harmonious working environment. For years, we have firmly believe that high-quality design and technology never go out of style.

Through combining the soft milk coffee and off-white colors with yellow oak wood grain, our Roya Office Workstation Series adopt a light industrial style to show the elegance and modernization of our products.

Romei series
With a total of 16 products, the roumei series use off-white as its main color- a classic one forever, supplemented by titanium cloth grain color, which is inspired by Hermes orange, all of which make our products look comfortable, high-end, elegant and luxurious.
What’s more, our design is humanized and ergonomic, that is the countertop of the whole series is widened to 1.4m, which means larger office space and higher working efficiency. Since establishment, we firmly believe that well-designed  products will bring efficiency, happiness, and satisfaction to consumers.

Ropin series

Inspired by the British Bentley car interior, Yosen Ropin Boss Table Series breaks its the traditional concept to design ropin series products. Its fashionable, and grand appearance shows a smooth rhythm and sense of hierarchy, togther with the king's style, those who use this kind of products show a aura of noble identity.

Yazhi series
This Yazhi Boss Table Series of products perfectly show our design philosophy and style-atmospheric lines, extraordinary bearing as well as noble character. With bold design, Yosen works to reduce working stress and improve mood to further stimulate morale and encourage creativity through the creation of a visual environment.

Yushang Series

Our Yushang Boss Table Series products feature a blend of organic and man-made elements to create a unique balance. Our design focus on minimal silhouettes and bold decoration to show the unique of our products, which let your passion become more magnificent with this atmosphere and wisdom!

Lantu series

The Lantu Office Workstation Series selects precious materials made by excellent craftsmen to conclude the world-famous works in office furniture, which provides a spiritual space for ordinary people to gallop their careers and arts and culture. For years, we spare no efforts to the R&D of it and we are confident it will be a perfect choice for our consumers. 

Liangshi Series
In the office, nothing is more pleasant and relaxing than the perfect and harmonious Liangshi Series office furniture, which saves effort and leads better results. In this page, we introduce various kinds of products and work to adds your own inspiration to your office environment to achieve a better self. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help. 

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