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Made By Famous Teachers And Craftsmen

Our exquisitely crafted products are made by excellent craftsmen, and the Lantu Office Workstation Series works as a testament to the high standards of professionalism, achievement, and elegance that define this office and provides a spiritual space for ordinary people to gallop their careers and arts and culture.

It adopts the national environmental protection standard E1 grade zero formaldehyde rosin board, imported veneer paper, imported high-quality hardware accessories, the same color PVC edge sealing, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, high strength.
All plate facing papers are laminated at high temperature and use skin-feeling steel plates, which feel as comfortable as baby's skin. Individuality, trend, exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, laser welding of steel feet, electrostatic spraying on the surface, and full edge-sealing process of inner and outer plates.
Humanized design, complete functions, smooth wiring, equipped with power wiring box and extended main position switch, built-in aluminum alloy handle.
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Adopting  zero formaldehyde rosin board  in accordance with the national environmental protection standard E1 grade, with  imported veneer paper and high-quality hardware accessories, our Lantu Office Workstation Series speak to a progressive, forward-thinking mindset.

Technical Details
The skin-feeling steel plates invites you to sink into its comfort, while the laser welding of steel feet and electrostatic spraying on the surface shows our strict control in quality and shows the high standards of professionalism of users.

Our products are characterized by humanized design and various functions, together with the power wiring box and extended main position switch,  all of which is a celebration of beauty and dignity in the workplace

Learn more about yousen products,
You can download the Lantu Office Workstation Series catalogue
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 The exquisitely crafted materials, minimalist design as well as the people-oriented design concept greatly show our elegant and free from vulgarity of fashion furniture and the users' appreciation for the finer things in life.

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The board facing paper is pressed and pasted at high temperature, and the skin feeling steel plate is used to make it feel as comfortable as baby skin.
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It is a creative office furniture enterprise with innovation, research and development as the guide and integration of scientific manufacturing, marketing and service as the core.
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People-oriented design concept, Simple style, exquisite technology,bold, creative environmental protection materials, deduce elegant and free from vulgarity of fashion furniture.
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Yousen's independently designed, researched, developed and produced products include: various boss tables, office desks, reception desks, planter cabinets, conference tables, filing cabinets, tea tables, negotiation tables, etc.
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Lantu Office Workstation series
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