Modern Office Workstations LT536K for Productivity and Comfort - Yousen 1
Modern Office Workstations LT536K for Productivity and Comfort - Yousen 1

Modern Office Workstations LT536K for Productivity and Comfort - Yousen


This is a desk that offers maximum design flexibility in terms of aesthetics. Clear shapes and straight lines combine with high-quality workmanship. With Opposite Six, individual offices, collective workplaces and open space concepts can be designed in a variety of ways.


The product material is made of E1 grade ecological and environmental protection particle board, which is wear-resistant and anti-fouling. The formaldehyde meets the national testing standard and will not cause harm to the human body. It can be used with confidence.


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    Minimum Order Quantity 


    Payment Terms 


    Payment Terms 

    TT (full payment before shipment (30% in advance, the rest is paid before shipment).


    1 year warranty

    Delivery Time 

    45 days after receiving the deposit, samples are available

    Detailed Description Of The Product

    The countertop adopts beveled edge banding to make it look magnificent and beautiful from the outside. The 25MM thickened panel is developed by special technology, and the longer length can be customized for stable load bearing. The bearing capacity is stronger and it is not afraid of heavy pressure.

    The surface is covered with Schattdecor veneer stickers, plus skin-feeling steel plate technology, pressed under high pressure and high temperature, scratch-resistant, waterproof and high-temperature resistant, presenting a natural and realistic surface texture, the overall shape is modern and elegant, and all card slots can be extended infinitely.

    Product Number


    Length (cm)


    Width (cm)


    Height (cm)



    Silver pomelo gray + khaki

    Plate Color Can Be Customized

    Modern Office Workstations LT536K for Productivity and Comfort - Yousen 2
    Monochromatic Suit
    Side elements/table tops/screen panels
    3 (15)
    Wood Grain Color
    Desktop/Screen Panel
    4 (28)
    Solid Wood Veneer
    Side elements/table tops/screen panels
    10 (3)

    Upgrade Widened And Thickened Steel Frame

    The steel feet are exclusively designed and molded, using laser seamless welding, and the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, which will never fade. The thickness of the steel feet is 1.5mm thick, and other colors can be customized, which is firm, generous and beautiful. (other colors can be customized)

    Practical Under Counter Cabinet

    The whole series of product design is humanized, three-drawer design, aluminum alloy handle embedded in the drawer surface, the drawer adopts three-section silent guide rail, smooth and long life, equipped with three-control lock, high-quality buffer function hinge bright color, not easy to rust.

    11 (5)
    12 (3)

    Table Screen Design

    The table screen adopts aluminum alloy technology with round edges and two sides of the cloth, highlighting the trend of individuality (other colors can be customized)

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    We're open to suggestions and very cooperative in discussing office furniture solutions and ideas. Your project will be taken care of greatly.
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