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Incorporating the popular trend of a layered color. Yushang Boss Table Series creates a spacious and comfortable workspace for users. The layered color of the desktop  makes it  a timeless and elegant piece while the minimalist and versatile table can be used for individual workstations or large conference rooms. Additionally, the desk features a minimalist design with ample space for all work essentials to maximize organization and efficiency, all of which  makes it a perfect choice for who wants to optimize their work performance and achieve great success in their career.

Adopt national environmental protection standard E1 grade zero formaldehyde sheet, imported decorative paper, high-quality hardware accessories, PVC edge banding of the same color, invisible connectors imported from Germany, no peculiar paint process.
Using invisible connectors imported from Germany, without any connection holes in appearance, inlaid invisible light strips, steel frame laser welding, electrostatic spray treatment, showing beautiful, high-end and taste.
Humanized design, easy to get electricity, equipped with high-end power box, wireless charging, beautiful, practical, high-end atmosphere.
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In line with environmental protection standards, the material we use covers various sorts and varieties, such as high-quality hardware accessories, decorative paper, PVC edge banding and invisible connectors from Germany.

Technical Details
Equipped with a large capacity file cabinet to provide organized and efficient storage space, the cabinet has an invisible lights belt inlaid  to make it easier to find documents, which makes it a perfect choice for those who value both form and function. while the steel frame is laser welded to ensure the stability  and durability of file cabinets. This design optimizes the functionality of the product and offers a comfortable office environment.

Our products show the perfect blend of form and function. The convenient power boxes and hidden wiring is designed to eliminate messy lines and  improve computer heat dissipation so as gurther to  reducinge the cost of office supplies, making it a must-have for contemporary offices.

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You can download the lantu series catalogue
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In conclusion, the Yushang Boss Table Series mainly includes the boss desk and file cabinet and designed with the modern professional in mind, with a focus on both elegant and modern ones. The classic, minimal and versatile design makes it the perfect choice for those who value both form and function.

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The atmospheric line and steady style adopt the national environmental protection standard E1 zero formaldehyde plate, and the invisible connector imported from Germany.
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