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You may face these pain points in your office

  Not all office environment helps to improve productivity and security.

  The hard-to-reach filing cabinets and uncomfortable-to-use desks may face reduced production.

  Workstations without enough storage space may cause restrictions and burdens and keep the workspaces disordered or even in a mess.

  Rough details and harmful raw materials not only bring potential harm to employees but also increase the operating costs of enterprises.


 provides you with a new office space
Through incorporating various kinds of factors, Yousen aims to break the old concept that works conflicts with life, so as to create a  new office furniture form and further make it a valuable addition to any workspace while embracing work and life with a positive attitude.
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Our service
One stop overall matching of Office furniture
Unique Furniture Design

Owned by Guangdong Dening Furniture Co., Ltd, we offer a full range of office furniture solutions. Our range of high-quality office furniture is second to none and is available in various modern designs, which aids the comfort, morale, and productivity of staff.

All our products have heavy-duty welded construction and attractive powder-coated surfaces.  While at the same time with a large selection of colors and customizations, 
We will also continue to explore the development trends of office furniture and rationally arrange functional divisions according to the needs of customers with the aim to achieve the perfect blend of form and function.

Our products enable our customers to fully customise and design according to different needs, and we will work closely with customers to analyze their needs and provide customized modular office furniture solutions for them. 

For years, we have always been adhering to the principle of quality first, which has help us win the support and unanimous praise of our customers.
Design for you
Customization serivice
Combining form and function, our minimalist and modern products adopt creative environmental protection materials to deduce elegant and free from the vulgarity of fashion furniture.

  Customized designs, materials, sizes, and colors are accepted

  OEM and ODM orders are welcomed

  Competitive prices, good quality, and prompt delivery are provided.

   Logo, brand, or any other patterns can be attached.

Once you place an order, we will tell you the newest tracing until you have received it. If you have any questions, we will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.
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Samplep Customization
We have always been adhering to the principle of quality first, constantly strengthening the strength of production and have won customer support,love and unanimous praise.
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Our Infrastructure
With an area of 20000 square meters and equipped with the furniture experience exhibition hall. Yousen provides quality one-stop solutions for office furnishing that can turn your office into the most conducive one. And we are dedicated to providing you with a quick and easy shopping experience with fast delivery. While at the same time, our passionate team will keep pace with the times and customize to your needs.
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Office Furniture Factory
With our dedication to furniture, we hope to make contributions to the design of modern and forward-looking office concepts. From the boss's desk to the office partition, from the personal workstation to the reception area, we develop, design and produce "Made in Germany" office furniture.
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Plate factory
For years, we have committed to becoming a leading one in the office furniture industry. And no matter from the boss's desk to the office partition, or from the personal workstation to the reception area, we provide quality one-stop solutions for "Made in Germany" office furniture.
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chair factory
Home office furniture manufacturer in Germany. Yousen provides an excellent R&D team and extensive production capacity. With a variety of products, we are committed to empowering customers worldwide with a tidy and orderly working space.
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Let's Talk & Discuss With Us
We're open to suggestions and very cooperative in discussing office furniture solutions and ideas. Your project will be taken care of greatly.
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