Modern Office Boss Table RP834B  for the Stylish Office - Yousen 1
Modern Office Boss Table RP834B  for the Stylish Office - Yousen 1

Modern Office Boss Table RP834B for the Stylish Office - Yousen


This is an executive desk that offers maximum design flexibility in terms of aesthetics. The design inspiration comes from the interior of the British Bentley car, breaking the traditional concept of cypress, the appearance is modern and fashionable, simple and extraordinary, showing smooth rhythm and layering, high-end atmosphere, with the style of a king, and having a "she" can show the dignity of the owner identity.


The material is made of El grade environmentally friendly particle board. Imported ink veneer paper veneer, the surface is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and the hardware accessories are made of domestic high-quality brands.


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    Minimum Order Quantity 


    Payment Terms 


    Payment Terms 

    TT (full payment before shipment (30% in advance, the rest is paid before shipment).


    1 year warranty

    Delivery Time 

    45 days after receiving the deposit, samples are available

    Detailed Description Of The Product

    The overall combination of suet and oil, the surface of the table is made of European Auman walnut color, the perfect curve splicing of the panel and the leather board, the round and delicate shape, the exclusive design of the steel frame, the laser seamless welding, and the electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface. Rusty, unchanged, truly strive for excellence and show the spirit of craftsmanship.

    Product Number


    Length (cm)


    Width (cm)


    Height (cm)



    Auman walnut + khaki

    1 (19)

    Plate Color Can Be Customized

    Modern Office Boss Table RP834B  for the Stylish Office - Yousen 3
    Monochromatic Suit
    Side elements/table tops/screen panels
    3 (15)
    Wood Grain Color
    Desktop/Screen Panel
    4 (28)
    Solid Wood Veneer
    Side elements/table tops/screen panels
    2 (17)

    Product Features

    The countertop adopts a multi-functional socket and comes with wireless charging, and the conference table is equipped with a rail power supply, which is simple and convenient.

    The overall hidden wiring, the drawer adopts modern technology fingerprint lock, easy to open and close. Think what you think

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