Modular Office Sectional Sofa Set With Customizable Seating and Couch Combination 1
Modular Office Sectional Sofa Set With Customizable Seating and Couch Combination 1

Modular Office Sectional Sofa Set With Customizable Seating and Couch Combination

This modular office sectional sofa set allows for customizable seating and couch combinations to fit any workspace. Its versatile design makes it perfect for any office environment.


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    Stool Corner Materia

    Rubber Wood

    Available Fabric 

    Synthetic leather, cowhide

    Available Color

    Grey, black, khaki

    Package Size(cm)

    Single seat: 85*85*72cm, Double seat: 135*85*72cm, Triple seat: 185*85*72cm

    Package Weight(kgs)

    Single seat: 23, Double seat: 38, Triple seat: 49


    Only the length can be changed

    Detailed Description Of The Product

    Introducing our Modular Office Sectional Sofa Set - the perfect solution for flexible office spaces. With customizable seating and couch combination, create the perfect layout for any meeting or collaboration. Comfortable and stylish, this set is the ultimate addition to any modern workspace.

    2 (135)
    3 (110)

    External Material

    Imported high wear-resistant thickened Western leather high wear-resistant, surface lamination, smooth and beautiful, soft and tough leather surface, feel comfortable, environmentally friendly and odorless.

    Stainless steel feet

    Internal Material

    High-density pure sponge, soft and hard, good rebound, not deformed spring plus multiple layers of strong tension, durable properties, high elasticity, high strength, good toughness, not easy to deform.

    4 (122)
    1 (161)

    Frame Material

    Durable wood frame (environmental standards, no special odor, hard material, solid structure) mechanical strength durable.

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