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Focus on simple fashion. Yousen insists on originality to complete the mission of localization design by the use of the most advanced international design elements, both in exterior design and industrial design. Based on our powerful design capabilities and quality services, we have provided office furniture supporting services for large domestic enterprises.
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Roya series
Soft cream coffee and off-white color together with yellow oak wood grain, plus the steel frame design of the foot ramp bridge, our products show a style of  light industrial , which are elegant and modern.
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Adopting a consumer-centric approach, our simple style, exquisite technology, creative madness, and environmentally-friendly material perfectly show our elegant and redesigned office furniture. For years, we have been dedicated to offering our customers a comfortable and efficient workspace. Therefore, we adopt high-quality materials to ensure durability while at the same time, the ergonomic designs prioritize employee comfort and productivity.

The color is mainly off white, supplemented by titanium cloth pattern, and embellished with Hermes orange.
Inspired by the British Bentley car interior, it shows a smooth rhythm and sense of hierarchy, high-end atmosphere, and king style.
The atmospheric line and steady style adopt the national environmental protection standard E1 zero formaldehyde plate, and the invisible connector imported from Germany.
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The atmospheric line and steady style adopt the national environmental protection standard E1 zero formaldehyde plate, and the invisible connector imported from Germany.
All aluminum alloy cladding process, steel foot adopts humanized design of shrink tube forming process, multi-functional wiring, fabric baffle.
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The board facing paper is pressed and pasted at high temperature, and the skin feeling steel plate is used to make it feel as comfortable as baby skin.
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about YOUSEN brand
Build an internationally influential office furniture brand

Founded in March 2013,  Yousen is located in Guangdong, China, which is under the brand Guangdong Dening Furniture Co., Ltd. As a creative office furniture enterprise with innovation, R&D as the guide and with scientific manufacturing, marketing and service as the core,  we have built own brand - "YOUSEN", with products covering various types of desks, reception desks, partition cabinets, conference tables, filing cabinets, tea tables, negotiation tables and so on. 

We spare no effort in maintaining health and sustainable development, and all of our products are E1-level formaldehyde-free ecological particle boards conforming to EU standards.
In constant communication and exploration, the international young design team has continuously created a simple and beautiful form of modern office furniture with practical and beautiful artistic lines and personalized color combinations.
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Being harsh can only become a word praised by others on rare occasions, such as Yousen when dealing with office furniture details. Every detail from design to finished product meets the highest professional standard.
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One stop overall matching of office furniture

Continually exploring the transformation of office space, we rationally arrange functional divisions according to the characteristics of the company as well as the style, size, color and style of furniture, still with the office desks as our core. What's more, we work closely with customers to analyze their demands and provide customized modular office furniture solutions to meet their business needs.

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The products we independently design, research, develop, and produce include various boss tables, office desks, reception desks, planter cabinets, conference tables, filing cabinets, tea tables, negotiation tables, etc. Together with the support of a number of closely coordinated manufacturers, "YOUSEN" has a strong comprehensive supporting capacity to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and supporting services for office furniture and related products, and to address customers' multiple needs at one time.

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In today's fast-paced business world, it's more important than ever to create a workspace that promotes success and productivity.
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Outfitting your workspace with a 6 person office workstation does not have to be an expensive endeavor.
2023 03 31
Boss Table is designed to be a high-quality, stylish and functional piece of furniture for any office space. The table is made with sturdy, durable material and features a sleek design that will complement any decor.
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A workstation desk is an essential piece of furniture for any office space. It provides a dedicated space for work and helps to create a professional and efficient workspace. There are several reasons why you may need a workstation desk in your office.
2023 01 15
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